If you're local to central Ohio, and you love to grow your own flavor-packed foods, this page is for you! 

We have a full offering of herb, berry, tomato and pepper seedlings, as well as a few additional select vegetables and some natural dye plants. Our seedlings are CERTIFIED ORGANIC and labeled with compostable tags, and most come in compostable containers.

Our preorder for 2021 has concluded! 

We'll release our order form for 2022 the first week of February. Until then, feel free to get in touch via our contact form with any varieties you're hoping for next growing season!


 Herbs & Flowers
Basil, Genovese Amish Paste Currant, Black
Basil, Lemon Black Cherry Currant, Rovada (red)
Basil, Lime Blush Currant, Pink Champagne
Basil, Purple Brandywine Elderberry
Basil, Thai Cherokee Purple Gooseberry, Hinnomaki Red
Basil, Tulsi Green Zebra Ground Cherry
Borage Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Raspberry, Bristol (black)
Calendula Sakura Raspberry, Double Gold
Catnip Skyway Raspberry, Heritage (red)
Chamomile Speckled Roman Raspberry, Royalty (purple)
Chervil Striped German Strawberry, Albion (day-neutral)
Chives Sungold Strawberry, Sparkle (June-bearing)
Garlic Chives
Herb Packs
Dill Aji Rico Kitchen Herbs
Echinacea Ancho/Poblano Advanced Kitchen Herbs
Hibiscus Bell Tea Herbs
Lavender, Grosso Carmen Edible Flowers
Lavender, Munstead Cayenne Backyard Herbalist
Lemon Balm Habanada Dyer's Herb Pack
Lemon Verbena Habanero
Lovage Jalapeño
Marjoram Jimmy Nardello
Mexican Marigold Mint
Orange Picnic
Mint, Chocolate
Mint, Spearmint
Other Veg
Mint, Peppermint Cucamelon
Mint, Pineapple Cucumber, Marketmore
Nasturtium Cucumber, Minime
Nettle, Stinging Cucumber, Suyo Long
Oregano, Italian Eggplant, Diamond
Parsley, "Giant of Italy" Eggplant, Asian Shikou
Rosemary, Arp Luffa
Rosemary, BBQ Tomatillo, Verde
Sage, Culinary Squash, Spaghetti
Sage, Pineapple Squash, Yellowfin
Savory Zucchini, Dunja
Tarragon, French
Thyme, English
Thyme, Lemon
Yarrow, White