Homecoming Herbal Tea

Homecoming Herbal Tea

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1 oz loose leaf bag with reusable fabric tea bag, brews 24-40 cups

Homecoming is a collaboration with The Doomed City of Granitegard, a weekly streaming tabletop role playing adventure that airs from our home city of Columbus, Ohio. The story follows a group of 6 heroes and their pals as they battle an unleashed horde of monsters and navigate an unraveling political struggle in an original fantasy setting.

This herbal blend evokes the warm welcome of home and family for some of the heroes of the story. Kate, one of our farm owners, plays a guest character in the series named Rose. Drawing on Kate's experience in the world of flavors, Rose uses botanicals from near and far to bring a sense of home to weary travelers from across the land as they pass through her resettled home of Newtown.

To watch the show live on Sundays on Twitch or anytime on Youtube, click this link!

This collaborative blend is smooth and heady with warm sweetness brought by tulsi, a slight creaminess from elderflower and juniper, the fruity depth of rose petal and a lively presence of lemon thyme.

Homecoming is caffeine free.

All of our tea blends are certified organic from seed to cup. Each tea tin includes a reusable fabric tea infuser and suggested brewing instructions for our loose leaf blends. Larger leaf pieces retain more flavor over time, and we find our teas to be just as flavorful a year after packaging as they were straight from the drying racks.

We like to use 1g, or about 1 Tablespoon, per 8 oz serving, using the herbs a second time for our next cup of tea.

Ingredients: Organic tulsi, organic rose petal, organic juniper berry, organic lemon thyme, organic elderflower

certified organic by OEFFA