Farm Flavors Sampler - Sunrise

Farm Flavors Sampler - Sunrise

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One salt, one preserve and one loose-leaf tea, packaged with a seasonal decorative element.  This sampler is a great introduction to the flavors produced on our farm. Sunny and bright, these bring us back to the long, shimmery days of summer.


Sunrise herbal tea: Sunrise begins bright - bouyed by lemon verbena - and finishes dry courtesy of hibiscus. This is perhaps our most complex and subtle blend and is a true joy to watch as its summery, soft orange hue infuses into a glass cup or teapot. (.5 oz, 12-20 servings) 

Catawba fruit preserve: Apricots pair with organic thyme in this bright, fruit-forward preserve. Catawba cuts through the richness and complements the mild, earthiness of cheeses like Brie and Camembert. (4 oz)

Lemon Spicebush culinary salt blend: This salt is our most unique offering. It carries forward the flavors of preserved lemon with a peppery finish of spicebush berry, and it really shines on sautéed green beans and deviled eggs. (4 oz)


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