Mystic + Lullaby Tea Sampler with Mug

Mystic + Lullaby Tea Sampler with Mug

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Two of our farm-grown herbal teas and a limited edition embossed mug packaged with a seasonal decorative element.  

All of our tea blends are certified organic from seed to cup. Each tea tin includes a reusable fabric tea infuser and suggested brewing instructions for our loose leaf blends. Larger leaf pieces retain more flavor over time, and we find our teas to be just as flavorful a year after packaging as they were straight from the drying racks.


Mystic herbal tea: 

Our flagship blend for good reason, Mystic is the everyday cup we return to again and again. The sweet, aromatic qualities of tulsi are front and center as rose petal supports without overpowering. (.5 oz, 12-20 servings)

Lullaby herbal tea:

Our take on a sleepytime blend features chamomile, lemon balm and tulsi. This is the tea that highlights the benefit of farm-grown, fresh ingredients most acutely. Chamomile grown overseas that sits on shelves before making it into blends only to sit on shelves again in distributor warehouses and then grocery stores cannot hold a candle to quickly dried and properly stored whole chamomile blossoms. We think you'll be as amazed by the difference in flavor as we continue to be. (.5 oz, 12-20 servings)


Handmade logo mug by local pthompson ceramics 


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