Sunrise Herbal Tea
Sunrise Herbal Tea
Sunrise Herbal Tea

Sunrise Herbal Tea

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1 oz loose leaf BAG refill, brews 24-40 cups
.5oz loose leaf TIN, with reusable fabric tea bag, brews 12-20 cups 

Sunrise begins bright - bouyed by lemon verbena - and finishes dry courtesy of hibiscus. This is perhaps our most complex and subtle blend and is a true joy to watch as its summery, soft orange hue infuses into a glass cup or teapot.

All of our tea blends are certified organic from seed to cup. Each tea tin includes a reusable fabric tea infuser and suggested brewing instructions for our loose leaf blends. Larger leaf pieces retain more flavor over time, and we find our teas to be just as flavorful a year after packaging as they were straight from the drying racks.

We like to use 1g, or about 1 Tablespoon, per 8 oz serving, using the herbs a second time for our next cup of tea.

Ingredients: Lemon Verbena, Pineapple Sage, Hibiscus, Thyme

certified organic by OEFFA